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I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now…for I shall not pass this way again.

Who we are?

Rhonda Draper

Month of Love is an idea that came to school teacher Rhonda Draper as she was working with elementary aged children. She asked them to empty their pockets one day so that they could pool their money to see what kind of difference they could make in the world. They came up with an elastic band and a bingo chip. “Okay then,” she said to her students, “Who gets to make the decisions then – the wealthy? Do we get no say because we have no money?” The students felt very poor at that moment. She then asked, “How many of you have more than one pair of shoes?” They all put their hands up. “Who has more than one hoodie/sweatshirt?” They all put up their hands. “How many of you have more than one electronic games or computer?” They looked around at one another and all put up their hands. They felt very rich at that moment.

This gave way to an idea. We decided that for one month, (we chose February because Valentine’s Day fit the Month of Love theme) we would think about giving up one ‘want’. Students would talk with their families and they would do this as a family. They would fill out the paperwork and bring it to school. Families gave up movie nights, manicures, specialty coffees and specialty dog bones. We were stunned at the end of one month. We had an assembly/concert. Students brought their ‘Month of Love’ money in all month. We counted it up. We raised $13 000! With it we purchased the Glenmore Elementary Book Mobile which delivers books to impoverished schools in and around Kampala, Uganda. (We partnered with a local organization, Niteoafrica, which supports literacy projects in impoverished schools and orphanages.)

One ‘want’ for one month??!! What if every school in our district tried this?! What kind of difference could we make?!

This is our challenge to you. Join in on the month of love and give up one want for one month. Listen to Rhonda Draper’s TEDx talk to learn more.

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